You enabled us to prepare ourselves and handle media with the most confidence; otherwise, we might have fumbled.

—Regional Car Dealership Principals


Dee Dee brought her creativity, passion and facilitation skills to what was quite possibly the most rewarding and enlightening media training ever.”

—United Way of Greater Houston Executive



Amazing session! I left with a bucket list of valuable information to sharpen my public speaking. Preparing and presenting a presentation was a powerful way to apply what I’d just learned; I will retain the skills and strategies because I had to do them.

—Public School District Academics Chief


I saw results after my first session with Dee Dee. Her approach takes you far beyond the basic tricks or techniques; she helps you transmit what you really believe and access your core self. The peace of mind she gave me was invaluable.

—Consulting Firm Executive

They went in scared to death and came out laughing; what do you do in there?!

—United Way of Greater Houston Executive



Because of your great work, our company has begun to grow and transform
into one of the most successful among our peers.

—Real Estate Development Firm Principal


Dee Dee created messaging order out of chaos.

—Global Company Regional Leader


The best decision I made was to ask for your help. My only regret is
that I didn’t reach out sooner.

—Major Houston-Area Nonprofit Organization CEO