Powerful messaging
can make all
the difference.






Written or presented, it's vitally important that your message hits the mark. 

You, your business or your organization has an important message to deliver...an image to enhance or protect. You're looking at some major transitions or other reputation-affecting situations. You'll be front-facing stakeholders and need to be at the top of your game.


Perhaps your brand is ready for a messaging refresh. Perhaps your presentation skills are ready for a refresh, too. 


For more than 25 years, Dee Dee Dochen has helped executives, businesses and organizations skillfully manage their marketing-centric messages so they can do more, sell more and communicate better.




Reputation & Crisis Management


How you get ahead of and manage the impact of transitions, important announcements, crises and other reputation-affecting situations can make the difference between reputation enhancement and reputation disaster.  


Dee Dee has helped countless executives, companies and organizations face both expected and unexpected situations with confidence, clarity, authenticity and integrity.  

What's at stake if you're not prepared? Don't wait to find out. Solidify trust and preserve the reputation you've built. 

Presentation & Spokesperson Training


You're facing an audience and have a limited number of minutes to achieve a world of results. Sharpen your public speaking. Pull them into action. Be heard and remembered.


Dee Dee's  “The Art & Architecture of Powerful Presentations” workshops and individual coaching sessions take you far beyond basic tricks and techniques. 


Learn how to make what you believe even more believable in the eyes of your internal and external stakeholders – employees, board members, media, shareholders, potential funders and more.




If you don't know how to express what you know to be true, who will listen? Give your message the pull-through it needs.  


Utilizing a mixture of qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, Dee Dee's resulting Messaging Blueprints provide guideposts for strengthening, re-energizing and improving how you attract, connect with and compel customers, investors, donors and future employees. 

Evoke the results you want.  

Strategic Messaging

Meet Dee Dee

Founder & President

An insightful message strategist with an extensive background in PR and multi-faceted marketing communications, Dee Dee established DDD Marketing Communications in 1995 following a storied career at Marriott International's global headquarters in Bethesda, Md. 


Dee Dee is a Senior Fellow (Class XXXII) of the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Leadership Forum (ALF) for which she serves on both the national and local boards. She is also a board member of Jewish Family Service, whose JFS Alexander Institute for Inclusion annually produces the 10+-day, citywide ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival in collaboration with Houston's Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities.  Dee Dee served as Festival co-chair in 2019 and chaired the Festival in January - February 2020.


Dee Dee additionally serves as both a member of the A.D. Players Ambassador Council and the Miller Outdoor Theater Advisory Board marketing committee. Fortunate to have outlets for her love of music, Dee Dee is a vocalist who in her spare time performs professionally with various groups in both public venues and at private events.

Her ability to communicate compelling energy and connect with audiences is why Dee Dee is often called on to emcee, facilitate leadership groups and consult for events. 

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Dee Dee Dochen

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